AyriA (ayria) wrote,

Birthday Dinner

Since today is my birthday, everyone is invited to join me at Coasters tonight for dinner at 8pm (for now anyway).
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*gives you some Happy Birthday Smurfings*

Happy Birthday! :D
Sorry, won't be there
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Margaret!

:) Nancy
Yay for AyriA. Old lady. :P
Quiet you. If I wanted your opinion, I'd beat it into you. Ha! Take that scurvy dog.

Deleted comment

I <3 that image...

:) Nancy

Deleted comment

It sure is. =)
I should be there.

I mean, yarrr! Avast, ye salty sea dogs, birthday dinner ahoy!
Where be the wimmin and drink? ;P
Happy birthday! sorry I just read about it *now*

Happy Birthday, hon, even though it's now tomorrow in this time zone :(
Happy Birthday! I have no idea what Coasters is but I'm glad you had fun!