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Ugh. So tired, but not.

Yay! I haven't gone to sleep yet! This is appalling given I'm not even taking real time anymore. I partially blame starting graphics late and mostly blame having to work on economic forecasting. Not only is the course uninteresting, the professor is also a jerk. He enjoys skipping through slides that he forces people to copy down by not providing.

Ech. But I think I'll stop complaining too much about econ. After all, that's pretty much all I do these days. And who could I blame for taking this course anyway?

A few last gripes though.. I hate that I have 8:30 classes with professors that have no course notes, followed by a class that attempts to force attendance by having six marks allocated to random attendance checks. Yippee! Okay, I'm done. I mean, I would head off to bed now, except that I find 20 minutes of sleep to be rather useless.
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