AyriA (ayria) wrote,

I am so great.

Ignoring the lack of studying that is being accomplished..

Resnet fun results in the need for MAC address spoofing magic. Whee. Easily taken care of though.

Stupid arts package is officially b0rken. I'm not sure that it's entirely a Suse problem or if it is a KDE problem. Regardless, using KDE 3.4 with Suse 9.2 and whatever arts package gets installed results in no system notifications. Why? Because the sound doesn't work for them. Music works fine, but no system notifications. What to do in this unfortunate situation? Apparently downloading the source rpm for arts and recompiling it yourself then installing the resulting rpm will be sufficient. Tada! System notifications!

Of course, it turns out that my console sounds don't work since this is a laptop. And somehow I find that the settings for the system bell are hidden in a rather "intuitive" location: Regional & Accessibility -> Accessibility -> System bell settings! I guess this might sort of make sense in that you get to choose whether the system bell notification will be a sound or some kind of visual notification. I'm assuming this is for deaf people or something. Still, might it be helpful to have some sort of linkage or information as to where to set up this stuff when I change the setting for system notifications to always be system bell or even automatically turn on the system bell if it isn't already on? Apparently not. Blah.

And now, it's time to install the kernel source. Bwahahaha. More power to me.
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