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Quest still sucks.

It seems that Quest has improved a bit since the last time I read about complaints having to do with refreshing in order to see how you're doing in that Unofficial Transcript queue. Now the refreshing is done automatically.. but since I'm 412th in line, it's just going to refresh 412 times. It seems to do this once a second or something. I think that instead it should refresh *less* often.. but maybe some would disagree. In any case, it is somewhat of an improvement upon the previous version of Quest.

Wow.. that's kind of annoying.. I can see the tab for Quest is constantly refreshing, resulting in little flashes in the corner of my eye.

Anyway, the point is.. I'm pleased that exams and the school term are finally over so that I can relax and enjoy myself a bit.

Final note: I've made my way up to 329th in the Unofficial Transcript queue. That's 83 refreshes for me already.. and that's just going on the assumption of 1 refresh per update of position in the queue. Go Quest. Go whoever made Quest.
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