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Must get some blank printing paper.. damn it!

Oh printing.. how difficult can it possibly be to print?

Note to self: Get some blank paper, because I have a printer at home and I hate getting the run-around. And aside from that, it's probably cheaper to print at home anyway. Bleh.

Anyway.. I go to the CHIP to put more money on my printing account and half-hope that they'll be willing to transfer the last $2.70 on my watcard to printing as well. Nope, go talk to the printing people up in 3017.

Why these people would have anything to do with moving watcard money to my printing account I don't know.. but anyway, as expected the response was, we don't do anything of the sort, you'll have to go back to the CHIP. Thanks guys. Really.

Anyway, I could just head over to the Student Life Centre and add the extra $2.30 to my watcard balance and then swipe away down on the first floor of the MC, just outside the CHIP, but that would be a hassle. Geh.

I'm just a little annoyed and put out by having to run around.

Anyway, I'll be going now. Graphics class in 10 minutes anyway.
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