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Of dark alleyways and sack beatings.

There's something about a group of people going behind the back of a group member and handing in an assignment without their name on it that really bothers me. I don't know why that would irk me so much. But seriously, people should just out and say what's bothering them instead of hiding in those dark back alleys. How would anyone expect change when they don't so much as raise their voice a bit to get noticed and say something? I'm pretty sure sitting back and hoping and praying all day won't get you anywhere.

Now personally, I had my reasons for missing the last week of my economic forecasting class and I would do it again if I had to. Graphics is just that much more worthy of my time and attention than a boring 8:30 lecture. It so happens that I would have been aware of aforementioned assignment if I had gone to those lectures. Moreover, chances are my group members would have been unable to ditch me in such a disgraceful way. I went to pick up some other assignments and a midterm and "just happened" to talk to the professor for this course at the same time. He pointed out that he didn't have an assignment 4 for me because my group members had handed it in without me. Yeah, thanks guys. Some notification, at least, would have been appreciated. The least they could have done was tell me. That said, I can't argue with the mark. After all, I did do nothing on that assignment didn't I? Anyway this isn't at all about what I got so much as it is about how much it irks me when people can't just go ahead and tell people what bothers them. Yes, it might be a little awkward and uncomfortable, but life's tough, y'know? It seriously won't hurt to tell. I know I won't bite.. alright, maybe a bit.. but it won't hurt much. =)

Bah. All I'd do, probably, is sack beat my group members on the spot if I saw them right now.
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