AyriA (ayria) wrote,


So for those just catching up, I've been working at Fuel Industries since last May. It's been busy and crazy, but I've had the opportunity to work on multiple games in the time frame of less than a year.

Sadly, a fellow coworker has ditched the rest of us, leaving for a better company in Toronto. It just so happens that he's going to be working at Oculus. Anyway, we had a going away party for him this past Friday. There was a lot of vodka involved and some foosball. I have never been more smashed in my life. This would be the first time I've gone so far that I have huge swaths of the night that are not in my memory banks.

Awesomely enough I was also supposed to catch the train to Toronto the following day (Saturday) at 7:00. However, a group of First Nations were blockading the railroads so there were no trains traveling between Ottawa and Toronto. Turns out that I could instead get a flight at no extra cost at 9:15. I arrived at 10:20 instead of noonish. =) Yay!

The events of this day have so far been pretty uneventful. I was really, really tired though.

... And.. cut. I'll finish this entry some other time. I got distracted.
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